Thursday, August 16, 2012

From the Superintendents:
As September fast approaches, golf courses throughout the Ocean City area and the Eastern Shore are beginning their preparations for the fall golf package season. As part of that process, most golf courses have planned aerification, sand topdressings, and seeding procedures that will help the golf courses recover from the long summer. The ultimate goal is to make sure the turf will be healthy and in great condition for the fall golf season. Although the playing surfaces will be disrupted for a short period, these procedures are necessary in order to maintain the long term goals and health of the turf. We in the grass growing business like to relate it to changing the oil in your car and having preventative maintenance done. Not all courses are created equal so every course will do something a little differently than the next. Many of these practices are dictated by the design of the course, soils, turf types, and the facility’s individual budgets and goals. Just like any living thing, turf also needs a little TLC once in a while and late August-early September is the best time. So please show your support and patience for the golf course superintendent’s as they begin their fall preparations and thank the grounds staff as they work hard to provide the best conditions that they can each and every day. It’s also a great time to take advantage of some discounted rates during the aerification season and enjoy some course you may have always wanted to tryout for the first time.

Eric Snelsire
Golf Course Superintendent
Glen Riddle Golf Club

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