Thursday, May 03, 2012

If, even for a moment, you ever doubt that golf is blessed, that serendipity watches over its history, consider two of the witnesses to the most celebrated shot ever struck.
It’s 1935, during the final round of the second Masters, and a few years before the tournament even officially had that name. Gene Sarazen, trailing Craig Wood by 3 strokes with but 4 holes to go, smoked his 4-wood second shot over the pond fronting the par-5 15th hole. Not content to be a potential eagle, the ball pitched forward and rolled directly into the cup for a 2, a double-eagle, an albatross. Almost seventy years later, it’s still the most famous shot in golf history.
And who witnessed the shot heard round the world? Bobby Jones, the game’s patron saint, and Walter Hagen, the embodiment of sporting style.
Reprinted from “Golffirmations” by Hugh O’Neill published by Rutledge Hill Press

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