Friday, September 21, 2012

The Good Slump


Rob McDonald



It can start with one bad shot or a few putts that slip by the edge of the cup. They don’t seem like much at first, but they don’t seem to go away. One round turns into two. Two becomes a month’s worth. One month becomes a season. Now you realize it. You’re in a slump.

If you take this game seriously, you’re bound to go through a slump at some point in your golfing career. While no one enjoys it, it can be a good thing. It is a signal that maybe its time to take out the microscope look at the ingredients of your game. Maybe you’re ready for something to change.  You know there were areas that needed improvement, but you were able to play through it. No More.

The best thing to do is to go to a trained professional. If you have a regular teacher or coach, go to him or her. You can spend a lot of extra time trying to figure it out yourself, but they know your swing and can see what you need to do to improve. Or, it may be time to try someone new that can give you a different perspective. Either way, it’s time to get to work. Go back to the basics as they say. Check your grip, your stance, alignment, balance and rhythm. Do the drills your coach gives you it’s the only shortcut. Work on things that promote success, thus promoting confidence. Hit short shots with easy swings that help you to feel solid contact. Short putts that you can make over and over again. Measure your success by counting how many shots out of ten can hit your target and then, work to improve your percentages. This will work its way onto the golf course. The slump took time to develop, it may take time to overcome. You never know though. You may find out it was something as simple as your balance or grip pressure and start playing well right away.

The good news about the slump is that you will be a better golfer when you come out of it. You will know more about your swing, the way you approach the game and how you got into the slump to begin with.

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