Fall In Ocean City

Fall in Ocean City. What a great time of year to be here. The weather is spectacular. The beach crowds have gone back to work. The restaurants are offering specials. We have Bike Week, the Classic Car weekend and the Corvette weekend as offerings for the road warriors. But more importantly, the golf courses are in great shape and with the slightly cooler weather, it makes for a great time to tee it up.
You pull up to the golf course. There’s a slight crisp to the air. Steam rises from your cup of coffee and your buddy says “You’re going down and you’re going down hard”. Game on!
A few hours later. While basking in the glow of victory and downing the beers paid for by your “overly confident” buddy, you feel the need to remind him of the wayward flight of his golf ball on several occasions today. Rub it in, rub it in.
It’s OK though. A great steak at Ruth’s Chris will make the bad shots disappear. At least until you bring it up again.

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