You’re Slow!

You’re paired with Bill, Tom and Joey.
I’m not playing with Joey.
Joey, overhearing this, “Why not?”
“You’re slow and you smell funny.”
I’m not slow.
You’re slow!
Why am I slow?
You’re never ready to hit when it’s your turn. You’re too busy telling a story or fiddling with your clubs. You want to wait and watch the group behind you hit up so you can comment on their shots. You seem to have no awareness as to your position on the course. We get other groups on our tail, leaning on their clubs waiting for you and it makes me have to hurry my shots to make up for your SLOW PLAY.
Oh! So what! That’s how I play.
Yeah that’s why you don’t get better.
How’s that?
Well. If you used some simple tips to play faster, you would be able to get into a rhythm, you’d be able to establish pre-shot routines that would help you hit better shots, more often. You’d have more time for each actual shot if you saved time in between shots by being ready to go.
Well how can I play faster?
First off, you have to make it a priority to play quicker. Know your position on the course. Have your shot already planned out before it’s your turn, so you can be ready the moment it is your turn. You can bring several clubs with you to your ball so you have the right club for which ever shot option you choose. Then, sit right in the cart with your clubs and ride to your cart partner’s ball and then put them in your bag.
When you’re putting, providing you don’t interfere with your fellow players, you can read your putt while the others are reading theirs. Do all the figuring out ahead of time so that you can play as soon as it’s your turn.
You’ll find that the round will be much more enjoyable and you’ll play better too.
You’ll still smell funny, but you’ll play better.
Thanks, I guess.

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