Little Rodent

So, yesterday in a little town in Pennsylvania, a rodent was pulled out of his nice, comfortable den and asked by his human captors what he thought the weather would be. Naturally, if the same thing happened to you, you would not express yourself in the most dignified manner. “Six more weeks of winter for you to deal with.” he proclaimed!
I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen enough snow this year already. I’m not going to let a little varmint determine my future. I actually see more golf in my future. The good thing about the Ocean City area is that the snow doesn’t stick around here forever. While we got more than usual this year, it does tend to disappear quicker here than most places west of us.
While we’re waiting for the snow to leave, there is plenty to do to get ready to play. If you are planning a golf trip, be sure to call our Ruark Golf Call Center at 1-866-441-4536 soon. We have some great deals available for a Spring golf excursion, but with tee-times filling up you better hurry and book yours now! Also, our winter rates are exceptional this time of year. With our covered carts, you can keep your golf muscles in shape and be comfortable as well.
So dust of your sticks and let’s show that little furball who is in charge. Let’s tee it up!

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