Necessary Evil

There is no better reward in golf than seeing your ball roll true on the path you set it on and fall into the cup. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your ball heading towards it’s intended target only to bounce off line and stray from the hole. Golf is played on a natural, living surface, outdoors. “Rub of the green” is the term used in the rules of golf to define those wayward bounces that occur during your round of golf. Basically the concept is: It happens, deal with it!
In order to give you the best possible conditions for putting, a necessary evil must take place each year, aeration. As all golfers ascend to the green, the soil below gets compacted. When that happens, air and water have difficulty reaching all the way through the root structure and the grass suffers. The answer is to punch holes in the soil and top-dress with sand. The holes allow room for the soil to breath and break up the compaction. Topdressing with sand helps smooth the putting surface while still allowing the soil breathing room. While this does not make for premium putting conditions immediately afterward, it is necessary to have a prime putting surface for the season.
At Ruark Golf, we have finished the aeration process and the greens are coming back nicely. With all of the snow and rain we’ve had during the off-season, we should be in great shape for the golf season. So, knock the dust off your clubs and get ready to play. And, if you’re still missing too many putts, just see one of our pros, we can help with that too.

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